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In today’s competitive workplace with all the pressures of business, productivity and staff, whether you’re a small or large company the last thing you need to be concerned about is your cleaning. 5 Star are proven experts in Contract Cleaning. We “know” the correct products, the correct equipment and operate throughout the UK.

It is important to keep management and staff happy, it’s also a proven fact that a clean and healthy workplace increases productivity.

Every 5 Star Client experiences how we genuinely care about their organisation. It may seem a little “old fashioned” in today’s “I’m alright Jack” business environment but we really do believe that the client should expect the best from their cleaning supplier and be satisfied with nothing less.

At 5 Star, we take the stress out of your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning requirements whether that be a small retail environment or a large corporate structure – no fuss, no excuses just simply a First Class (5 Star) service day in, day out, because your organisation simply cannot afford sub standard cleaning.

A recently independent survey estimated that sick days and the cost associated with replacement staff cost the UK an estimated £2.6 billion per annum (Bradford University/Health Protection Agency). Cold and flu viruses are a major contributor but poor hand hygiene especially in key areas such as Toilets, Kitchens and Staff rooms can also assist the spreading of germs.

Our Cleaning Operatives understand and are trained in basic health and hygiene. They also know how important the cleaning process is. The correct products are also important – our standard practice in cleaning all toilets, staff areas and kitchen/prep food areas is to use highly specialised cleaning agents which effectively kill all bacteria, including but not limited to: E-Coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella and viruses such as Hepatitis C, HIV and herpes simplex. In simple terms we set the standard in Commercial Cleaning in the UK – guaranteed, just ask our clients.


Our proven cleaning methods and processes ensure no stress, no fuss,no excuses and no problems. Just results, 100% guaranteed.

Not sure what you need? Have an upcoming project? Not happy with your current contractor? Either leave your name and telephone number in the form to the right, or call the number below for a free conversation to discuss your cleaning options.